How To Find A Good
Business Advisor in NZ
6 Surprising Things You Must Know

(1) Experience really matters when providing Business Advice

AJS Advisory® has a proven 30+ year trackrecord that includes:

-             a diverse range of industries and sizes

-             local and offshore based businesses

-           actually being a business owner

(2) Advice quality varies as Business Advisors don’t need to be a member of a professional body

Therefore anyone at all may offer their services as a Business Advisor.

AJS Advisory® meets clear quality assurance standards as a member of the professional body:

-             that’s arguably the premier (and certainly the longest established) professional body whose members advise business

-             whose members are very well represented as businessowners, senior executives, directors and advisors across New Zealand and Australia

….Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

(3) Advisors may act simultaneously for one of your competitors, suppliers, and / or customers

This increases the risk of you losing valuable commercial information - whether directly, indirectly or accidently - and receiving advice that may not be seen as independent.

 AJS Advisory® does not undertake work for your business whilst also working with another business that is your major competitor, customer, or supplier, unless you both agree in writing beforehand.

(4) Some Advisors have a financial incentive to recommend other providers’ products and services to you

A common example being software discounts to advisors that are offered by software companies like Xero that:

-             aren’t fully passed on to you, and:

-             you’ve consented to beforehand

AJS Advisory® receives no financial benefit whatsoever that is dependent upon you purchasing goods or services from other providers as a result of our recommendations. 

Our aim is to provide fully independent, impartial advice.

(5)  Advisory Programmes involving your interaction with other business owners risk you losing sensitive commercial information  

 AJS Advisory® provides a confidential strictly one on one service with each business and its owners.

(6)  The best thing you can do right now is to get good advice on how to be a better manager – and then to take action  

 AJS Advisory® provides you with on call business coaching, mentoring and advice that’s based on expert in depth analysis of your data and situation.

All aimed at helping you towards improving your management skills to make better decisions - faster…and actually taking action.                                             

Call now on 021 124 3012 for a confidential, no obligation discussion.

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— Andrew J Skokandich, Principal

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