AJS for Family Trusts

Your family trust represents your long term commitment to protecting the assets that you have build up over time. Those advantages can be lost and your trust treated as a sham if proper management and administrative processes are not followed - and documented. It is essential therefore, that all these things are attended to on a timely basis so that your assets are protected if the worst happens.

AJS Advisory® can assist you with the administrative aspects of your trust or estate including: 

  • compiling annual financial statements. This is generally done via online accounting software. This then offers you (and the other trustees) the opportunity to better discharge your statutory duties by enabling you to access your trust's financial records at any time during the year.
  • preparation of minutes and maintaining the trust minute book
  • compiling Income Tax and other IRD Returns that may be necessary
  • acting as the trust or estate's agent with Inland Revenue to avoid you needing to receive and interpret IRD correspondence
  • maintaining investment records
  • working alongside other trust advisors you may have such as your lawyer or investment advisor whenever this becomes necessary.

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