Save $500 Off Your 1st Year's Fees With Proven Chartered Accountants Support For Your Business

Stop and take a fresh look at your business.

Ask yourself:

  • do you have a solid system for calculating (accurately, with time to spare) and planning so that your Income Tax, GST and other taxes are legally minimised?
  • are your annual accounts (and the other related things you need to stay on top of company and other laws) completed without fuss ie: accurately and promptly?
  • is your day to day recordkeeping efficient and effective?
  • how well are you managing your cashflows?
  • do you have a properly thought through plan for your business...and how well are you executing it?
  • is your business allowing you a better work life balance?
  • are you satisfied with the financial return you’re making from your business?
  • are you executing a sound plan towards improving the value of your business or otherwise positioning it for future sale or for family succession?

Our proven business support programmes are tailormade to your requirements and are aimed at helping you to:

*    minimise and plan for your taxes by complying with legal requirements relating to accounting and taxation

*    improve your recordkeeping to save you time

*    have greater control over your cashflows

*    reassess your priorities and look at some fresh ideas

*    get on call independent plain English professional business advice that’s based on principles that have stood the test of time

Your annual investment in these services for your business is fixed, is payable in easy to manage monthly instalments, and affords you the considerable benefit of unlimited telephone and email support.

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At AJS Advisory® we believe that healthy businesses help create healthy Kiwi families and communities. Benefit from proven support aimed at improving results from your business by contacting us now to receive this limited time offer and save $500* off your 1st year's fee - our tangible investment in your business's health.  

* Applicable if your average monthly turnover exceeds $5,000.

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