AJS Advisory for Small Business Owners

Irrespective of whether or not your business is a start up, or fully mature, AJS Advisory's range of services is designed to support you.

Benefits include:
 -  tax peace of mind where we attend to the minimum required to comply with legislation for taxation, financial statements and company administration.                                                                         -   Xero online accounting support
-   addressing the core issues in your business that are stopping you from getting MORE from your business.

This includes identifying and implementing strategies aimed at:

  • improving your profitability overall
  • improving the overall efficiency of your business processes and procedures
  • freeing up your own time so that:
    - you have the time to devote to becoming a more effective manager - to work 'on' rather than 'in' your business
    - your business is less affected if you are absent due to holidays or illness
    - you have the choice of working hours that are consistent with maintaining a work / life balance that is sustainable long term.
  • ensuring that you have accurate, meaningful and up-to-the-minute information on:
    - your true profit on each job you do, or product you sell
    - your current cash-flows, and an effective plan for those of the future
    - the overall financial position of your business
  • building your own management and leadership skills
  • planning a more effective business exit, and / or succession of your business to family members.
  • increasing sales
  • developing a clear vision of the future, together with specific goals to work towards
  • improving the overall culture and teamwork within your business.

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