I believe that healthy small businesses mean healthier families and communities.

I understand too, how your business is a unique expression of who you are as a business owner.

And that today, like never before, small business owners like you simply want to make better, smarter, business decisions in an increasingly fast changing world to help you and your family towards a better future.

At AJS Advisory®, my passion is simply to help you to get more from your business by applying quality, easy to follow resources and proven business support programmes to your unique situation. 

You are therefore never made to “fit” into a preordained programme.

Our resources and programmes are based on what I’ve seen actually working first hand over a wide range of successful businesses over the past 30 years - both locally and internationally.

It’s on call, confidential and unbiased business support that’s offered enthusiastically….practical, insightful and proactive - not theory and jargon.

Andrew J Skokandich - Principal